Three Destination To China

798 Art Zone

798 Art Zone was once the North China Wireless Joint Equipment Factory which was built in 1950s. This art zone is located in the northeast corner of Beijing. This huge 60 hectares area has become home for contemporary art and the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art, and the world-famous cultural and creative industries area as well. This art zone or art district has various galleries, art studios, cultural companies, fashion shops, bars, restaurants,  and many more.

798 has attracted both the media local and abroad and also become the icon of the city. As of January 2008, over 400 international cultural organization from Italy, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and other countries have settle down in this art zone. Not only art exhibitions and fashion shows, this art zone also has many interesting sculpture from the old socialist-realist sculptures to ultra-modern design.

The Bund

The Bund is a waterfront area in Shanghai. This place has been one of the most popular symbols of Shanghai for centuries. The area along the waterfront is really nice path to walk on. You might experience a living museum of the colonial history of the 1800s. The best way to enjoy the pride of Shanghai is by take a stroll through the waterfront. Enjoy the view and the architecture of the Russian consulate, Astor House Hotel, Jardine Matheson, Bank of China, Fairmont Peace Hotel, Bund 18, and many more. It probably takes 2.5 hours walking to explore Bund, the pride symbol of Shanghai.

The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl is the tallest TV tower in Asia. It was built in June 1991 and  is located in the east of Huangpu River, at the opposite side of the Bund. You can go in and enjoy this China masterpiece with RMB85 to 135 RMB, depends on what level. The opening hour is at 8:30am – 9:30am. After the sunset time, you might see the vivid night vision of Shanghai. For the best experience, we suggest you to avoid holiday. There are restaurants inside the tower. A very good choice to relax in style in China, right? Enjoy your tea and cookie while looking at the whole Shanghai. Life can be this good. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture your happiness! Last but not least, we wish you a happy and joyful holiday!