Be a Royal Family Member for a Day in Yogyakarta with Spa

Yogyakarta is a magnificent city. With the existence of Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat make it become full of amazing culture city. Tons of tourists come to see the majestic of Kraton and beautiful culture in Yogya. After having around in Kraton some tourists also come to Taman Sari. For your information, Taman Sari is not the only place for Sultan Yogyakarta to take a rest. The certain parts of Taman Sari are designed like fort as last defense, so it can be a shelter for Sultan and his family if  the Kraton are attacked by the enemy. The location of Taman Sari is easy to reach. It is 2 km form Malioboro.

Taman Sari was a place to rest of Sultan Yogyakarta and his family. Some of Princess of Yogyakarta do spa with herbs oil in Taman Sari. If you want to try the sensation of spa with herbs oil like Princess of Yogyakarta, you have to keep reading this short  article!

Getting tired after having around in Yogyakarta, you better give your body a gift with spa. Wandernesia able to give you the greatest spa in Yogyakarta. There are several treatments that you can choose. The treatments will serve you a medium to strong massage. All of the spa or massage treaments using natural ingredients and herbs oil that can give you relaxing sensation. If you want to share your precious spa with your family or friends, you can tell them to choose Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Yogyakarta package.  

Do not forget to try special treatment that can make you feel like Princess of Yogyakarta with Royal Javanese Pampering or Royal Balinese Program. Royal Javanese Pampering is designed to pamper your body and purge your skin that can give you refresh feeling. On the other hand, Royal Balinese Program afford to energize and gain body relaxation, the treatment can lift your dead skin and maintain your body temperature. Both of treatments able to give you the greatest spa that you ever had.

. Do you really want to be a part of royal family member for a day? Or wanna try a treatment like princess of yogyakarta do? Better you try Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa by Wandernesia. It will take you into greatest spa. Do not worry about anything, this massage have been done for centuries so you will get the best spa, feeling, and serve in the entire world.